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We are the people who help you bridge between your current reality and the future fantastic


Our expertise is in finding the right structures and materials to help you build your business


Our Clients rely on us to navigate risks and accelerate business growth and profitabiilty 

longest bridge
longest bridge


APAC Ventures was formed in 2003 with a focus on enabling successful partnerships between leading companies in Asia and smaller, technology startup companies headquartered in the US and Europe.  We are a team of experienced executives who have lived in Asia while managing the startup and growth of both small and large international companies. We speak local languages and understand how culture plays a key role in establishing long term business relationships.  APAC Ventures has grown to help Asian business bridge to the USA and Europe as well.

I hired APAC Ventures to start Tuxera's software licensing business with Taiwan's leading phone, tablet and PC OEMs. Within only a few months we signed one of our biggest-ever deals with ASUS and built a strong pipeline with all the key customers in the region.

Mikko Välimäki

CEO Tuxera

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