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USA Market Entry for Drone Startup

Yuneec was a startup in the consumer drone space with manufacturing and ownership in China.  It has been in business for years as an OEM/ODM supplier into the toy/hobby industry.  With consumer drones becoming popular, they decided to start their own branded products by launching the Typhoon series of drones.


Yuneec had no knowledge of the consumer space in the United States and needed to quickly engage with major channels such as Best Buy and B&H Photo while simultaneously creating a brand.  At the same time, they were looking for investors that could bring funding and relationships.

APACs expertise in helping bridge between Asia and the USA, its team members familiarity with the Chinese culture and OEM/ODM manufacturing made us an ideal partner.  

APAC helped put together a strategy for introducing the Typhoon drone to the USA market.  We helped hire a PR firm, manufacturers representative to penetrate big box and photo channels and established an e-commerce presence.  These efforts culminated in a product launch at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.  Further we engaged with technology focused venture partners to help fund-raise.  Finally, Our understanding of the US regulatory environment as it pertains to drone flight and the associated safety, security and privacy issues informed product development and design.

APAC helped Yuneec quickly establish sales channels and drive volume sales of Typhoon branded drones.  We also helped close a major investment from Intel Capital.

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