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Driving Asia Business Growth for M2M Startup

Jasper Wireless was startup in the M2M space and a fully licenced GSM (mobile phone) operator providing IOT modules used by companies looking to enable mobile based data exchange in order to track assets, enable navigation and enhance point-of-sale.

Jasper needed to quickly establish roaming agreements with multiple operators in each territory across major markets and negotiate data roaming rates that were competitive enough to enable widespread adoption of their technologies

APACs expertise in the mobile ecosystem and working relationships with many Asian mobile operators as well as the GSMA (GSM industry standard group) enabled Jasper to hit aggressive roll-out goals required by their investors (Sequoia and Benchmark)


APAC helped put together a strategy of using existing GSMA meetings and other industry events to present M2M solutions with an emphasis of educating operators that Jasper’s solution brought incremental revenues without network disruption.  We arranged for Jasper to meet with executive level contacts at multiple operators who were instrumental in getting the mobile operator’s roaming agreement team to focus on Jasper. 

APAC helped Jasper get quickly up and running and establish the model of how to interact with roaming partners.  Jasper had a successful exit via acquisition by Cisco

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