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Driving Asia Growth for Mobile Testing Startup

Metrico Wireless is a leader in smartphone user experience testing.  They engaged with APAC Ventures to develop a plan to market their test equipment and services to Asia’s largest mobile phone and wireless service providers.  

Over a 3-year period, APAC Ventures built Metrico’s Asia sales arm including taking on the acting role as VP, Asia Sales.


Our deep knowledge of the Asian mobile ecosystem and local presence positioned us to build and lead a very successful team.  As part of this plan, we invested in setting up a branch office in Taiwan and hired a technical sales team.  


As a result, we were able to win deals for Metrico at the world’s leading smartphone brands and wireless service providers in China, Taiwan and Korea.  APAC helped grown the annual revenue in Asia from zero to over a million dollars and contributed significantly to the exit value of Metrico when it was acquired by Spirent Communications.

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